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Call To Action!

2024 Kentucky legislative session has begun!

The 2024 Kentucky legislative session has begun, and we want to make you aware of a pernicious bill, SB 99, introduced by Sen. David Yates, of Louisville.

For decades pro-life citizens across the commonwealth have worked peaceably and tirelessly to advocate for significant legislation to protect both children in the womb and mothers challenged by adverse pregnancies.

SB 99 seeks to reverse that progress and those protections by:

Disregarding and lethally targeting the lives of unborn children who were conceived by the unspeakable injustice of rape or incest.
Expanding the number of available legal abortions by removing well-understood and medically accepted definitions such as “best clinical judgement of the physician” and replacing with “good-faith belief of the physician.” The former is measurable against standards of care within the medical community whereas “good faith belief” is not. This language would encourage and legally protect abortion providers who “believe in good faith” (whatever that means) that a child in the womb needs to die.

Though abortions resulting from rape, incest, or medical risks to the life of the mother remain very rare, the pain and suffering caused by the injustice of rape is profound. And the medical decisions required when a pregnancy threatens the life of a mother are extraordinarily challenging.

However, just as first responders to natural disasters or hostage situations seek to protect and save each human life, so too should our medical professionals and legislators. No child in the womb should be considered an expendable victim even in the most adverse pregnancies. Love them both.

EMAIL NOW or Call your legislator now at 800-372-7181 and respectfully ask your Representative to oppose SB 99. Lives depend on it.