Our Staff

Our staff team is devoted to fulfilling our mission each and every day. As Kentucky’s oldest pro-life organization, our goal is changing hearts, saving lives.

Margaret Schay

Executive Director

Margaret became the Executive Director of Right to Life of Louisville in May of 2024 and comes with over 10 years experience running small businesses and helping them to operate authentically according to their mission. Margaret received her bachelor’s in Philosophy and Theology in 2009. Margaret loves to do everything in a way that allows her to authentically connect with others and help them move forward. As a certified mindset coach, Margaret understands the unique gift and calling of each individual and is excited to bring that understanding to this mission field, making the world more human and more fraternal.

Margaret Schay, a lifelong Kentuckian (with a 7 year stint in Georgia) was raised in Gethsemane, KY by parents strongly committed to and involved in the pro-life movement. She and her husband moved to Nelson County, Ky. in 2013 and moved to Louisville in 2021. Margaret and Mike have 3 children on earth and 3 babies in heaven. Margaret’s favorite things to do include hiking with her family, French cooking, hosting and entertaining, and learning about the depth of the human person.

Anne Yeiser

Administrative Manager

Anne became interested in Right to Life of Louisville in the 1980s, admiring Margie Montgomery’s passion for the unborn.

She used her freelance advertising work to create a campaign for RTLL in 1994 to reach Louisville leaders. Called The Transformation Series, it used Business First, a large billboard on Broadway, and direct mail to target those in a position to influence the community. It featured leaders such as sports figures who had changed their minds about abortion to become strongly pro-life. That was 30 years ago!

Anne departed the board of RTLL in October of 2023 after many years. Little did she imagine she would return in 2024 to be RTLL’s administrative manager! Anne served as volunteer director of Birthright of Louisville for nine years during the 1990s as well as serving as editor for the Louisville Forum newsletter and the Venture Club of Louisville news and e-news. She initiated websites and e-news for KRTL and RTLL, and received the RTL Educational Foundation Award in 2010.

She looks forward to helping RTLL serve its wonderful, devoted members and friends of life. She continues to freelance in communications work, on the side.

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