Executive Director’s Column

Such a loss for babies | Autumn 2019 LifeLetter

Well, it’s a hard pill to swallow. To lose our pro-life governor is ghastly, unbelievable, and sickening. I know we are grateful for the many pro-life bills Governor Matt Bevin signed into law during his time in office. His commitment towards protecting moms and their preborn babies was articulated frequently and was clearly sincere. To us, so active in Right to Life on a daily basis, the shock of envisioning a pro-abortion governor now at the helm is almost impossible to tolerate. But we are grateful for those on our ballots that prevailed and strongly reflected our firm pro-life beliefs. We are grateful for those who came to the polls expressing their commitment to the sanctity of human life! God bless you and them for showing love for life and willingness to exercise their freedom to vote!

One cannot take Kentuckians for granted! We were so convinced that we live in a strongly pro-life state that we didn’t question Bevin would not be supported for another term. Yes, we read the “morning after” comments, listened to the news accounts from every angle, but never doubted our candidate would falter – and lose so badly. All of our other endorsed candidates seemed to coast to great victories. Were we blind-sided? Do we stay in the office too much and not travel around Malls, go to restaurants, visit with neighbors . . . ?

Let us stay together, dear friends. We shall yet prevail with His love and help. Let’s support those newly elected and start mobilizing for 2020 and beyond!

God bless!

Margie Montgomery