Kentucky Supreme Court Decision

Right to Life of Louisville’s Executive Director Corey Koellner released the following statement today regarding the Kentucky Supreme Court’s decision in EMW, et al. v. Daniel Cameron:

“We celebrate that lives continue to be saved while the Commonwealth’s abortion ban remains in effect. This morning, the Kentucky Supreme Court issued an opinion in EMW, et al. v. Daniel Cameron, deciding that Jefferson Circuit Court Judge Mitch Perry had abused his discretion in blocking enforcement of Kentucky’s pro-life heartbeat bill and trigger ban. Those laws, effectively prohibiting all abortions in Kentucky where the life of the mother is not endangered, will remain in effect until a decision is made on the constitutionality of Kentucky’s trigger ban.

The Supreme Court ruled that EMW and Planned Parenthood only have the right to challenge the trigger ban on behalf of themselves (not their clients) and they have no right to challenge the heartbeat law. The Supreme Court remanded the lawsuit back to Judge Perry to decide the merits of EMW’s and Planned Parenthood’s challenge to the trigger ban.

We are confident that when Kentucky’s first citizens drafted the state Constitution, they did not intend to recognize or affirm any right to abort unborn children. We expect this lawsuit will wind its way through the appellate courts and we may not have a final decision for some months.”