Archdiocese Hires, Protects Pro-Abortion School Leader

Archdiocese of Louisville Christian Witness Policy

In our September 2023 edition of Heartbeat we asked if you really know who is educating your children and provided ways to find out more information about your student’s teachers and administrators. It has come to our attention the Archdiocese of Louisville has hired a pro-abortion, pro-transgender rights administrator at Saint Agnes School in the Highlands.

Gloating about the pro-abortion protests after overturning of Roe v. Wade

Despite this being incompatible with the Catholic faith, it also violates the Archdiocese’s own policies. The Christian Witness policy, contained within the Personnel Policies and Procedures Manual (which each employee must sign upon hiring), indicates employees are not to take a public position contrary to Church teaching. In addition, the Archdiocese Handbook for Catholic Schools states the school principal (and by extension, the assistant principal) “serves as the faith and instructional leader of the school.” How then would a pro-abortion administrator “integrate Catholic values and goals into every aspect of school climate” if the individual espouses beliefs contrary to Church teaching? That’s the question some school parents would like to know; unfortunately, school, parish, and archdiocese leadership are silent on why they are allowing the individual to remain in a school leadership position. It seems the archdiocese is satisfied with the individual restricting access to his social media account, effectively concealing his heterodox views. The fox is in the hen house.

Promoting Trans Petition

It is nearly impossible to build a culture of life in our community when our faith-based schools are hiring leaders who advocate for the slaughter of innocents. Therefore, it should come as no surprise the school did not even acknowledge Respect Life month this year – what a shame for the students entrusted to its care. The decision to allow this anti-Catholic leader to remain on campus and exert influence over children is also inconsistent with the recent statement by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops at its November Plenary Assembly. The bishops stated, “The threat of abortion remains our pre-eminent priority . . .” When the archdiocese leaves a pro-abortion activist inside a Catholic school one wonders if abortion really is a Church priority.

Will you be a voice for the children and let the Archdiocese of Louisville know you cannot in good conscience remain silent? Let your voice be heard! Use the buttons below to email the Archdiocese Chancellor, Dr. Brian Reynolds, and the Archdiocese Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Mary Beth Bowling:

Please be respectful, but firm, and let Church leaders know:

1) Pro-abortion and pro-transgender activists have NO place in our Catholic schools.

2) The local Church needs strong leadership on these issues for the sake of our children. Years of mediocre leadership have created some of the cultural challenges we face today.

3) If the Archdiocese refuses to act and continues protecting pro-abortion school leaders you will withhold all future contributions to the Catholic Services Appeal. If local faith leaders won’t lead on such important faith issues, one should not continue supporting them financially.